Diamond Cross Jewelry

Diamonds are among the most popular and famous (or in cases of certain diamonds such as the Koh-I-Noor, infamous) gemstones in the world. A diamond set into a piece of jewelry increases its value greatly, because diamonds are extremely expensive due to their rarity and unparalleled brilliance. Many different designs of diamond jewelry can be found in jewelry stores all over the world, and the diamond cross is one of the most celebrated among them. Although it is highly popular, the origin of the diamond cross design is still a matter of speculation to a large extent.

From a scientific perspective, the diamond crosses design for jewelry may have been inspired by a beautiful asterism in the South Polar constellation Carina, called the Diamond Cross. The Diamond Cross asterism consists of four bright stars called Beta Carinae, Upsilon Carinae, Theta Carinae and Omega Carinae, forming an almost perfect diamond shape between them in the sky. Considering the four stars as the four arms of a cross, the name Diamond Cross was bestowed upon this asterism. In turn, the jewelry design was named after this.

Christian history may have been another factor which inspired jewelers to create the diamond cross design for jewelry. It is a well-known fact that the sign of the cross carries a special symbolic significance for Christians, as it represents the redemption of the sins of mankind through the death of Jesus Christ, as well as being a powerful emblem of protection which repels evil.

Jewelers combine the use of metals and diamonds to manufacture diamond crosses. Diamond cross jewelry is always in fashion due to its versatile nature – it can be worn by both men and women, as well as adults and children. The design of the diamond cross varies to some extent depending on the gender of the wearer.

A wide variety of diamond cross jewelry is available in the market today. The most popular form taken by the jewelry is that of a necklace featuring a diamond cross pendant. Other forms of diamond cross jewelry, such as diamond cross rings or earrings can also be found in the market in many different styles and finishes. They can even be purchased online.

The price of diamond cross jewelry depends on the quality and quantity of the gemstones used to create the jewelry, as well as the type of metal used. Diamond cross jewelry are usually made of gold, solid white gold or two-tone gold. Some diamond cross pendants are also set with other gemstones. These features make diamond cross jewelry perfect gifts for any occasion.

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