Diamond - A Sparkling Treasure

“Diamonds are women’s best friends”- you don’t have to be a material girl to admit this. There is hardly any woman who won’t fall those diamonds sparkling with pride. Diamonds have lured women for ages- from the queens of UK to the working girl next door, who doesn’t dream of owning a piece of white pride?

Today a lot of things are found being diamond encrusted. Well thanks to the celebrities who found it worth trying to have diamonds almost in everything. But a pair of diamond stud earrings? They are always classic, always in. You will find them in various size, shapes and not to mention in various prices.

The amazing thing about diamond earrings are they are wearable in almost every occasion. You can put them on when you are going for shopping, when you are attending a wedding or even if you are at the Academy Awards!

The price of diamond earrings vary from $50 to $2000. The prices differ depending on the cuts of the diamond and the carats of gold used in them. The diamond cuts have nothing to do with the shape of the diamond- it is rather the number of cuts in the diamond which makes it sparkle more and give an exquisite look to it.

Classic diamond earrings are round and they are usually set upon gold or platinum. Variations are made in such earring with encrusting pearls or using delicate flower shaped diamonds.

Apart from the classic ones there is the princess cuts- the most beautiful and precious ones. The princess cut diamonds have achieved the name from the aristocratic look in them and also because they were highly used as royal jewels. They are usually square, set upon four or three prongs basket like bases. The bases are usually made of 14K white or yellow gold and platinum.

The recent trend in diamond earrings are making the jewelers put the diamond in such a base that the focus of the jewel remains upon the diamond itself. So they are using mainly bezels and prongs made of lower carats of gold.

Diamond earrings are available in both online and offline stores. While buying diamond earrings don’t forget to have the warranty card. Prices don’t vary much for online or offline stores. So simple and stylish they are- they are the essential part of a fashionable women’s wear, they are also the perfect gift for a newly married bride.

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