Diamond Cross- a precious way to show your belief

Diamonds have always been considered the most precious and popular gemstone. Any jewels having a diamond encrusted upon it had not only incredible monetary values but also had its aesthetics value. Various types of jewelry have been made out of diamonds, but a diamond cross is something different. It is a jewel that is admired the most- because it brings the pride of diamond and the divinity of cross in a single piece of treasure. Why diamond crosses are lured so much? Well there are loads of explanations given so far. But the most accepted ones are-

Schools of gem specialists believe that, the design of diamond stud cross were derived from the asterism in the south polar constellation Carina called Diamond Cross. According to Wikipedia-

      “This Diamond Cross is consisted of four bright stars called Beta Carinae, Upsilon Carinae, Theta Carinae and Omega Carinae that shines brightly creating an almost perfect diamond shape that could be a cross where the name “Diamond Cross” was taken.”

Another group of people think that, the style of diamond encrusted cross was inspired by the Jewish artifacts, where they liked having precious stone curved jewels. But the most accepting enlightenment so far has been the issue that the cross has a very religious sentiment betrothed upon it. And since the diamonds were always considered a fortune, owning a cross with diamonds on it was something a hell of aristocratic.

A good thing about a diamond cross is- it is unisexual product, i.e. the jewel can be worn by both men and women. But there is a bit about fashion these days which implies that, designs are slightly different depending on the sex of the wearer. The price of the diamond crosses depends on the quantity and the quality of the gems used and of course on the metals that has been used as the base of putting the diamonds.

At the very beginning of diamond stud cross’s history it was only the crosses, or crowns for the royal families. But later on the fondness of people for diamond crosses, set up an edge in the jewelry world. Diamond cross pendants, necklaces and earrings were there, and they were being sold like hotcakes! People loved putting on the cross as an ornament, and diamond cross ornaments gave them a variety of options on how to put their beliefs on their accessories or even carry them to occasions.

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