Diamond Cross

Diamond CrossA diamond is one of the most popular gemstone. Any jewelry that has a diamond stone in it increases its value as diamonds are considered as one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. There are different designs of jewelry made of diamonds available in jewelry stores and one of the most admired is the diamond cross. Though the diamond cross is popular, the origin of the diamond cross design is still unexplained.


Scientifically, the diamond cross design jewelry might have been inspired by an asterism in the south polar constellation Carina called Diamond Cross. This Diamond Cross is consisted of four bright stars called Beta Carinae, Upsilon Carinae, Theta Carinae and Omega Carinae that shines brightly creating an almost perfect diamond shape that could be a cross where the name “Diamond Cross” was taken.


Another thing that may have inspired jewelers in making a diamond cross jewelry design is because of the Christian history. We all know that a cross has a significant meaning for Christians as it symbolizes the redemption of mankind’s sins through the death of Jesus Christ at the same time plays as a powerful symbol and protective emblem repelling evil and demonic presence. Christians copied the style of the Jews in including diamonds in some of their artworks, as diamonds have been a popular stone for Jewish merchants. A jeweled cross of gemstones which isn’t necessarily made of diamonds is known as Crux Gemmata. The stones in the cross have different meanings for believers as it contains a real Christian message.


Aside from the influence of Jews, jewelry makers combined the use of metals and diamonds to become a diamond cross because of a person’s fondness when it comes to diamonds. Wearing a diamond cross jewelry is always in fashion as it can be worn both by male and female, adults or kids in certain occasions. The design of the diamond cross depends on the person who wears it as it varies if the wearer is male or female.


There are varieties of diamond cross jewelries available in the market today. Popularly, the diamond cross jewelry is usually available and wearable in the form of a necklace with a diamond cross pendant attached to it. There is also other necklace pendants design that has a diamond cross in it. Aside from these, diamond cross earrings in variety of styles as well as diamond cross rings are also available in the market or even online.


You can shop for your choice of diamond cross jewelry online from trusted seller available in the site. The price of the diamond cross varies depending on the quality and quantity of gemstones used to form a diamond cross jewelry as well as the type of metal used. Usually diamond cross jewelries are made of gold, a solid white gold or a two-tone gold aside from the diamond stones. Though others does not, some pendants contain plenty of stones to complete the diamond cross pendant and make it look more glittery and attractive. This feature makes a diamond cross jewelry a perfect gift for any occasion.

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