Diamond Pendents

Diamond stud jewelry has always been considered the most precious and the most popular one. Earlier this year I was watching a program on the celebrities’ lives, and saw many celebrities using diamonds in the most unusual places like: Paris Hilton had her motorbike encrusted with tiny diamonds, and Britney Spears had her puppy wear a thousand dollar diamond necklace! Wow! That was awes trucking! Seems like diamonds are not only the women’s best friends after all.

So, a perfect gift is never too perfect to give diamond jewelry. Now there are various types of jewelry being designed with diamonds, but diamond pendants are so far the most popular and the classiest ones. Since, earrings vary too much from person to person’s choice and diamond rings are not always that much affordable, the market of diamond jewelry is quite favorable to diamond pendants. A glinting diamond on a simple pendant with a handsome chain- it is always wearable whether the outfit is formal or casual. So what types of diamond pendants are in these days? Or what should be your preferences while you go shopping diamond pendants?

Well there are actually three types of pendants on demand these days:

  • Diamond pendant necklace: these are a bit formal wear-able. You can put them on almost all types of formal parties, from Bar-Mitzvah to weddings. Even when you are in an evening gown going for a ball, trust me you don’t want to miss having such a pendant alluring just beneath your chin.
  • Diamond pendant locket: such lockets are so cool in treasuring sentimental moments. Its just the perfect anniversary gift for the wife! Some such lockets come with small heart shaped photo-frames securely held inside; some have a diamond encrusted inside. Whatever it is, the design is such that it is a true symbol of the emotions lying deep down inside.
  • Diamond pendant diamond shape: though this is most common in pendant design yet it has the most increasing demand. It’s because of the sparkle it offers and the beauty of it while hanging vertical. At the middle of the locket there is the pear shaped diamond, which is flexible to any types of diamond cut.

When you have that precious little diamond hanging around your neck- why even care about celebrities or their puppies? You have the fortune tugged to that chain! Just look at the mirror and feel free to picture yourself as a princess, as a star!

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