Diamond - What is it?

Diamond PictureDiamonds are a girl’s best friend. Diamonds are forever. But what exactly is a diamond?

A diamond is made up of carbon like charcoal and graphite but it has a different structure that makes it hard. A diamond’s atom is structured like a pyramid; each carbon atom is linked to four other atoms, which forms a tetrahedral structure. Usually found in Africa, diamonds have been discovered in some parts of Canada, Brazil, and Russia. Back in the days, only the rich and powerful can own a diamond because it was so rare and valuable. Till now, diamonds are still priceless. However, different cuts are now available to accommodate almost all people.

Having a diamond in your possession is like owning a piece of the world. It’s priceless, beautiful and extraordinary. What makes a diamond so invaluable and unique? Diamonds have unmatched features that is unrivaled by none. A diamond is a material that is considered the hardest. How do you prove the latter? A diamond can only be scratched by another diamond which makes them hard to cut. A diamond is a shiny material that can hold its sheen for over a long period of time, enough to make a man go blind (figuratively speaking and this applies to diamonds with big cuts).

Diamonds have different cuts to suit anyone’s needs and it has different colors, much to the enjoyment of collectors. The color of the diamond is mostly white or transparent when it has pure carbon. This kind of diamond is considered the most valuable and most perfect. Slight discoloration that turns its color into yellow or brown is caused by chemical impurities in the crystal’s pattern. Due to the discolorations, these diamonds are slightly less pricey than the pure ones. However, not all colored diamonds are considered as such. The Hope diamond, which is a blue colored diamond, is also considered very valuable. Although, some colored diamonds have a higher price value than yellow ones, some jewelers do not really promote them because if a customer wants a colored gem then they might as well buy sapphires or rubies instead of diamonds in the same color.

Diamonds have become a social aspect of life. Women who can purchase such rare jewelry get one as an accessory. A diamond watch can surely spice up an outfit and so does a diamond bracelet. Necklaces adorned in diamonds are extremely valuable and is only used on special formal occasions. Diamond earrings dazzle any woman’s aura as it exudes brilliance and charm.

Men have also gotten used to diamonds as a part or their accessory though not entirely like women’s. a gold ring from an organization or team can be seen studded with tiny diamonds to accentuate a logo or symbol. Gold watches are also decorated with small diamonds inside the watch’s face, subtly substituting the numbers of the clock. Engagement rings have never been more popular with women as they gather around a newly engaged woman who has a finger adorned with a ring bejeweled in diamonds..

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